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Safety First

Safety is a key component of our culture and is extremely to important at all of our divisions. We place such a high priority on the safety of all our employees, we have developed our own safety core values.

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Safety -> Communication

Employees are kept up-to-date on any safety best practices or recommendations – this includes at work and outside of work. 

We have a safety blog where you can find a multitude of articles on various safety topics and stay abreast of our safety rating as a company.

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Safety -> Training

All employees receive safety training during orientation and continue to participate in training courses throughout their employment. We want to ensure the latest practices and standards are being utilized to keep everyone safe.

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Safety -> Reimbursements

Reimbursements are offered to employees for purchase of qualified safety equipment, such as: 

  1. Safety glasses (including prescription)
  2. Safety or steel-toe boots or shoes
  3. Welding helmets

Our Safety Core Values

1. Moment of Choice

  • Recognize the unsafe behavior or conditions
  • Make it your priority to correct the situation
  • Create and execute a plan of action
  • Evaluate the action for effectiveness
2. Courage to Act

  • Have the courage to approach those performing unsafe behaviors
  • Actively take control by helping to create a safe environment
  • Choose to make a difference for you and those around you
3. Care for Others
  • Prepare for emergencies through training and drills
  • Follow best care practices if someone becomes injured
  • Clear the hazards; assess and remedy any unsafe conditions