Who is Hancock Concrete?

Superior Form. Concrete Productivity.

Founded in 1917, Hancock Concrete started to fulfill a growing demand for an expanded highway system and better roads. As the popularity of the automobile grew, so did the need to create infrastructure and better drainage.

Hancock Concrete was successful, and still is successful, in meeting those needs. Our mission is to continue to produce innovative products that strengthen and solidify the American infrastructure and while doing so, provide opportunities for employees and citizens of the communities we call home.

Manufactured Products:

  • Sanitary Manholes
  • Storm Catch Basins
  • Box Culverts
  • Reinforced Concrete Pipe
  • Concrete Arch Bridges
  • Precast Trenches

Why Hancock?

  • Over 300 Hancock Concrete division employees
  • Forward-thinking management style within mature industry
  • Company commitment to safety

Hancock Strong

  • Found in 1917, Hancock Concrete is over 100 years old
  • Produced Minnesota’s first precast culvert
  • Six modern and safe production facilities
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Explore Hancock Concrete Locations

Hancock Concrete is strategically equipped with six production plants in the upper midwestern states of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa.

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